Advanced Style 
The Documentary

I absolutely LOVED this documentary! I caught this gem of a watch on Netflix (obvs) It had me in tears of laughter in one moment to understanding the great sacrifices these extraordinary women had taken in their fight for individuality the next. I found my self in awe of their determination, and inevitably made me reflect on the people in my life that shaped my idea of fashion and sense of unique style. Fashion has always been an important part of my family. My mum has always been a very classy lady, even now she is always well turned out for work even if it does take 3 outfit changes, for her age she looks immaculate and often passes as mine and Krissy's sister, if we are out in town. It's safe to say she has aged beautifully. My dad was the same, he had an eye for a well tailored suit or shirt and printed shirts were his favourite. He loved a great suit and I always felt proud of how much pride he took in his appearance, he loved great quality which often equated to italian tailoring this with age became something that he became accustomed to with the many family holidays we took around Italy. With age my mum and dads styling became more and more refined, they knew what they liked and felt comfortable with their image, I always enjoyed seeing my parents and sister  looking trendy because it went against the grain of what some might imagine a 'typical' indian family to look like.  Footwear had always been a massive thing in my family, especially leather ones - which i guess stemmed from the lack of luxury mum and dad both endured growing up in Kenya and India until they moved to London. In their day leather was considered a luxury to own so in turn acquiring such items was a big deal - after all we're all teenagers once, we all desire that one special item - for mum and dad it was leather goods from jackets to shoes. (I just found out recently that my mums first job was working in leather tanneries) Which could explain my curiosity in footwear and leather pieces. This documentary not only explored peoples individuality but why and what influenced their way of dressing. Definitely worth a watch, there is something inspiring about watching the way seniors command themselves in an age where people have become obsessed with mimicking celebs over expressing themselves uniquely.

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