BBC's Inside the Factory

Season 2: Episode 6 - Shoes

When you're a shoe maker its very easy to become obsessed with every part of the making process for whatever style of shoe you are making. The only conundrum I seem to continually struggle with is the trainer simply because the sole unit (even though they can be purchased) is usually attached by machinery therefor making them that extra little bit difficult to make if you are a shoe maker using the traditional shoe making equipment ( it needs its own machinery) . The machinery that deals with attaching the sole unit to the upper is something that I have only come to understand by description so this documentary that aired on BBC2 yesterday was SO interesting, I was able to see the very machine that shoe makers had only ever been able to describe to me. I often love seeing the shoe making process simply because the process can differ from one shoe maker to the other and from design to style. I was totally buzzed and motivated to get back into the studio - a definite must see for shoemakers and trainer enthusiasts! Its available on BBC IPlayer for the next 29 days.
Handmade Sliders X 2

So this week I have been keeping busy, I have managed to finish off two pairs of shoes, a pair I started a week ago and a pair i started a couple months back that I never had the chance to finish off. I love them both! One thing is for sure I'm improving and learning new tricks as I make more and more shoes, which is great and a fab new shoedrobe too - wooop! Since we've been having a wonderful couple days these sliders I'm sure will see a few days out before we hit Autumn. The next few pictures show my last few steps for the tassel sliders and the completed gold acid splash leather sliders.

Katy Perry's New Shoe Line

So Katy Perrys new shoe line is sooooo SASSSY! I love it! of all celebs to release a new shoe line this is the one I have been most excited about. Katy Perry made an appearance at her launch in Vegas last Monday and the shoes were an absolute crowd pleaser (I watched a snapchat story). Im in love with the designs and styles and I cant wait to see more when they debut in Spring. Im sure we will soon see them featured in magazines and worn on the feet or A List celebs. I've only been able to source a couple sketches and images so as soon as I have more I'll do an update on this post for you guys!

Handmade Leather Slider Update

so last week i promised a post on Monday, but lets just put it this way it was my sisters birthday on Sunday and there was lots of alcohol - enough said, so I apologise for the lateness. Todays post (I hope delivers!) shows the rest of my slider process and the almost finished pair of shoes. Enjoy!

The Book Review: 7/12 July Edition 


by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner

This book has been an eye opener, to say the least. Its difficult to pick out the chapters of the book that shocked me most or rather taught me more about the world around me. Its pretty safe to say I was never a numbers person so I met this book with some apprehension (I was scared I was going to get lost in a world of numbers and the economic history of the world) but in fact once getting past the first few pages I quickly realised this book would teach me more about about life and economics that no amount of high school education could have taught me. Steven D Levitt an economist by profession explored economics in every walk of life which is exactly what this book is about; how we work with incentives and making sense of certain situations statistically. This has to be one of the most thought provoking books I have read in a long time, also refreshingly smart and easy to read.
Gold Acid Splash Leather Sliders

So I've embarked upon this weeks shoe making project with some trouble simply because sometimes i have to wear flats but i love designing and making high heels. So designing and sketching became challenge especially when the profile of the design is so different. I have decided to go for sliders, since they are so in at the moment, and have also opted for thick straps that cross over because the leather is a such a shoe off piece. I have only got as far as designing and making patterns for this project and since this is a simple design Im hoping to have this made and finished by Thursday so stay tuned for the finished pair for Mondays post!

Matchy Matchy

Once a big fashion faux pas the new season trend is matching footwear with your clutch bag! So I have put together a few of my favourite matching accessories for you to feast your eyes on.


Shoes: £995
Bag: £3,295


Shoes: 29.99
Bag: 19.99

Sophia Webster

Shoes: Layla £495
Bag: Claudie Pom Pom £525


Shoes: £65
Bag: £35


Shoes: £790
Bag: £1,950

Frances Valentine

Set to be another up and coming successful brand, Frances Valentine shares one thing in common with the equally successful brand Kate Spade: their founders - Kate and Andy Spade and for extra luck Paola and Elyce who both have success working in footwear for high end brands including Sergio Rossi and Calvin Klein. I absolutely adore the Blanche Hair Calf Stacked heels in Stripes with the glittery backs; now they aren't cheap but definitely worth an investment at $465 dollars because they have a lovely heel height comfortable for day to day to wear, along with dinner dates - so you could definitely get good use out of them. They also come in different skins and colour ways so worth a little look at if not for purchase than at least a browse through their collection and handbags too which are just as lush!

Big Fat Indian Wedding

As you would have noticed my blog has been abandoned and I have been neglecting my readers for little over a week - Im Sorry!!! It was all for good reason though - WEDDING season. It is officially upon us and mine started with my long time family friend and a best friend getting married all in one weekend and ended with my BFG cousin who had a BFI (Big Fat Indian Wedding!!) the following week. The BFI had been in the making for a year and a half so of course when the wedding week arrived everyone was fully prepared and suitably hyped for the 5 day event. Indian weddings have several events through out the week to mark the occasion with no expense spared, and this was definitely the case with my cousins wedding. I can safely say everyone had an amazing time. The blushing bride as expected looked sublime in all her outfits from her stunning traditional indian attire on the Saturday (the indian ceremony) to the gorgeous cropped white dress worn on the civil matched with royal/electric blue satin shoes she designed her self (along with the dress too). I was off course over the moon that Jayna (the bride) had paid so much attention in picking her footwear! Project Elegance (Jayna's go to) helped create her perfect wedding shoes by allowing her to decide what height heel and platform she wanted and what applique she wanted too - I mean what else could you ask for from wedding shoes? Here are a few pics of the shoes Im sure you'll be impressed with them as much as I was.