Big Fat Indian Wedding

As you would have noticed my blog has been abandoned and I have been neglecting my readers for little over a week - Im Sorry!!! It was all for good reason though - WEDDING season. It is officially upon us and mine started with my long time family friend and a best friend getting married all in one weekend and ended with my BFG cousin who had a BFI (Big Fat Indian Wedding!!) the following week. The BFI had been in the making for a year and a half so of course when the wedding week arrived everyone was fully prepared and suitably hyped for the 5 day event. Indian weddings have several events through out the week to mark the occasion with no expense spared, and this was definitely the case with my cousins wedding. I can safely say everyone had an amazing time. The blushing bride as expected looked sublime in all her outfits from her stunning traditional indian attire on the Saturday (the indian ceremony) to the gorgeous cropped white dress worn on the civil matched with royal/electric blue satin shoes she designed her self (along with the dress too). I was off course over the moon that Jayna (the bride) had paid so much attention in picking her footwear! Project Elegance (Jayna's go to) helped create her perfect wedding shoes by allowing her to decide what height heel and platform she wanted and what applique she wanted too - I mean what else could you ask for from wedding shoes? Here are a few pics of the shoes Im sure you'll be impressed with them as much as I was.

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