BBC's Inside the Factory

Season 2: Episode 6 - Shoes

When you're a shoe maker its very easy to become obsessed with every part of the making process for whatever style of shoe you are making. The only conundrum I seem to continually struggle with is the trainer simply because the sole unit (even though they can be purchased) is usually attached by machinery therefor making them that extra little bit difficult to make if you are a shoe maker using the traditional shoe making equipment ( it needs its own machinery) . The machinery that deals with attaching the sole unit to the upper is something that I have only come to understand by description so this documentary that aired on BBC2 yesterday was SO interesting, I was able to see the very machine that shoe makers had only ever been able to describe to me. I often love seeing the shoe making process simply because the process can differ from one shoe maker to the other and from design to style. I was totally buzzed and motivated to get back into the studio - a definite must see for shoemakers and trainer enthusiasts! Its available on BBC IPlayer for the next 29 days.

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