Vetements X Manolo Blahnik

So this collaboration finally dropped in stores last week and what a delight they are! Mow they aren't what you would expect of Manolo Blahnik, in that they are simply designed with a classic court shoe sillhouette but in true Blahnik style they are made from satin upper and my guess is that this along with Blahniks signature scribbled on the side is exactly what Vetements was looking for in collaboration. Vetements is know for its laid back fashion, the type of fashion you'd see trendy people living in Shoreditch or Brooklyn wearing so this collaboration is a nice little partnership of sexy footwear with uber cool clothes.

Sophia Webster Autum Winter Presentation

This seasons collection was inspired by the film Frozen and since the birth of her daughter I'm pretty sure she knows the film inside out which is why this collection looks so perfect! Im totally in love (like usual wit her collections) the sillhouettes of the shoes are beautifull and the holographic unicorn like leather is out of this world - im obsessed with colour/metallics and psychedelic textures. There are some seriously special boots in this collection too, a pair of over the knew embellished cut out boots and if that wasnt enough a pair of light up boots! She has raised the bar again, sophia webster is totally unstoppable! 

Katy Perry

On the 16th of this month Katy Perry released debuted her first collection. I wrote a piece after the announcement of this collection not so long ago so I was excited to see more of the collection when it was finally revealled. The designs are quirky and essentially VERY Katy Perry. Now I don't know about you but I really love Katy Perry's confidence in her eccentricism, the shoes are an acquired taste but I'm pretty sure they will tickle the taste buds of the best Perry fans. Each design is inspired by Perrys celebrity girl crush friends and named by them too. So go on - have a scroll and check out some of the designs.

Netflix and chill with Tinker Hatfiled - not 'chill' ;)

Netflix just released a series of documentaries focusing on visionaries within the art and design field. Abstract - The Art of Design is definitely something you can binge on! I sat and watched 6 in a row and couldn't get enough of it! It was totally inspiring and motivating and after watching them it not only highlighted how talented the individuals were but the path they took to get as successful as they are - basically a LONG TIME. Im always challenged and impatient about time, and where I'm at with my footwear career but these documentaries reassured me that I'm exactly where I'm meant to be.  The episode that focused on Tinker Hatfield the visionary behind Nike particularly caught my eye (of course!) simply because even though his trade is in sports footwear our paths weren't dissimilar at all, we both studied architecture and figured at that point that we were both good at drawing and building 3D pieces of work. We both landed in architecture not really knowing if that was our path and if it was something we wanted to do for the rest of our lives. Of course aside from the personal similarities his full time job wasn't to dissimilar either - we both work in footwear. This documentary is for the absolute sneaker fanatic or shoe fanatic for that matter - it explores the lengths Hatfield went to build a brand but most importantly a product that would stand the test of time. Michael Jordan features in it regularly and the ever famous back to the future sneaker is presented in its most basic form to the fully functioning self tying sneakers. This is an absolute jem to watch and so are the other episodes in this series - so what are you waiting for?
Chloe Gossellin - NYFW

With NYFW well into its first few days, many of the designers have used their platform to share their views on the ever controversial political happenings in the US. Gosseline used her Sunday presentation to make a strong political statement showing her support for planned parent hood which is facing federal cuts under Trumps presidency. The pins worn by models wearing Gosellins standout footwear seriously made a statement. The Autumn/Winter collection is designed with all of Gosellins favourite things in mind - velvet, lace, leather and embellishment with crystals. The colour palette ranged between burgundy and emerald green in rich tones. This is a totally exciting season for Goesllin - im looking forward to see more either on the red carpet or in my favourite glossys.

Manolo Blahnik 'Art of Shoes' Exhibition - Milan

This brought FAR too much excitement to my life when this piece of news was released! The only downer though? The exhibition isn't coming to London :(!!! BUT! this could be another reason to travel. The exhibition will be hosted at a number of locations starting in Milan, from Jan 26th to April 9th. It will showcase 212 shoes divided into 6 sections all celebrating Blahniks work as a form of art and showing off Blahniks vision, craftsmanship and creativity. As mentioned the first stop for the exhibition is Milan, other locations include St Petersburg Russia, Czech Republic, Madrid and finally Toronto Canada. As soon as I have further information on this I'll be sure to update you guys!

Valentines Day - Pink (& red) to make the boys wink!

I've been in love with the Serese and red colour combination for ages and there is no better time to marry them together than Valentines day! Whatever you are doing why not glam it up with a pair of shoes in pink, red or both! Ive picked out some seriously gorgeous shoes for you to wear for V'day that Im sure you'll be able to purchase over the weekend in preparation!

TopShop £49

H&M £24.99

Tibi £365

Zara £45.99

NO21 £515

Malone Souliers Minismalls!

When i started this blog Malone Souliers was the first post, something in my bones told me they were a force to be reckoned with in the luxury footwear market. My bones were right, I wrote that first post just over two years ago and they have come leaps and bounds since, with Solange as one of their major fans the label is only going from strength to strength and nothing proves that more than the launch of their new 'Minismalls' line thats recently been released online and at Dubai's Level Shoe District ( I couldn't think of a more fitting place for this brand). Mary Alice Malone and Roy Luwolt have debuted the 'Minismalls' line with their signature Robyn flats but with a difference - a rounded toe silhouette instead of the point. With luxury shoe brands like Malone Souliers, Sophia Webster and Aquazzura really taking note of the little people in our lives, I can definitely see similar brands doing the same too, so I look forward to seeing what brands take the leap into the kids market this year. For now I leave you with a few illustrations of what to expect of Malone Souliers new kids line!

Charlotte Mills

So its that time of year again where planning for the big day is starting to pick up steam on course for the Summer. I have for you - Charlotte Mills another Cordwainers graduate with her luxury bridal line. Its always nice having another brand in your shoe bank to think about for options - you can never be out of options and the best part is that her shoes are available at 50 different stockists around the globe! So go on...have a scroll!

Kiren Modi X Megan Sophia 

So last week Megan and I had a super productive couple of days working on our collaboration. We finalised the bead selection and the designs we are working on. WOOHOO! So this week was all about the production. The bead work, understandably takes a little while to do so Megan made an early start with sample ideas and I carried on with making sure the pattern fitted snug onto the foot. Without giving too much away the outcome is looking pretty spot on to what we both visualised. Megan has also introduced me to the most amazing trimming store in Soho which I can't get enough of so Im pretty sure i'll be heading there more often too. Now the pics don't give too much away as we want to keep that a little secret until we launch so for now above is one of the sample embellishments Megan has been working on along with some of the colour ways we have decided to work with! Enjoy! :)