Manolo Blahnik 
New Shoes 

So this book, I received on Christmas day and has given me hours and hours of inspiration, and pleasure. I love going to this book for the intricate details, and since I'm a shoe maker and not solely a designer I find it increasingly difficult to get my ideas onto paper because my head is already figuring out how to make them with the tools I have around me. BUT, when I do have to design which is becoming  a necessity with the collaboration I'm working on, conveying ideas and designs is so very important. This is the book i turn to, so for all my readers who are designers I 100% recommend this book, make it your next purchase and notice your designs go from 0-100 REAL QUICK! ;)

Handmade fur peep toe Shoes

So this was really quick project, I had a really short deadline - mostly because I decided last minute to make these for a an event where I'd be talking about being a shoe and accessories maker at my old high school. I was super excited to be taking part, art and Design Technology was such a massive part of my life as a high school student, and even now have such a massive impact on the way I look and experience art, whether it's at a gallery or the make up of the patterns I make for footwear. So here it is, the process pics from the Peep toe shoes I made for my day back to school! A HUGE thank you to Mrs Redman for inviting me I had such a blast meeting the students - so exciting to meet young, energetic and passionate students.

5 boots to get you through the cold

If like me the cold weather is something you do everything to stay away from - leggings under jeans, vest tops, thermals, doubling up on jumpers, thick coat, scarf and finally a pom pom hat then boots must be a staple in your shoe closet for the cold months. Today I round up 5 boots that will help you get through the blistering cold - some that may be a splurge and some that you could probably get away with buying in every colour!

Primark: £22

Alexander Wang £565

Zara £15.99 (sale)

Jimmy Choo £348

Forever 21 £35

Lineapelle LONDON

I love these shows, they are so informative yet so concise and most importantly so on trend. They always seem to get the trend forecasts so right which is the reason why shoe lovers and makers should make the effort to attend one. I went to the one Tuesday just gone and below are some of the pics I took at the expo. They happen twice a year and you have to be part of a company to attend. You not only have access to the seminar but to the leather halls too, which for me is the most exciting part since you are able to see what leathers are available to you that are in line with what you should be seeing all your instagram feeds in months to come- so what are you waiting for? get signed up for the next Lineapelle show! ( sorry for the bad pics - it was difficult trying to take pics in the dark!)