Ancient Greek Sandals

Ancient Greek Sandals a brand started in 2011 has taken the world by storm. Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gisele and Anne Hathaway are all huge fans that have been spotted in them. Their story is one that inspires me, as a Greece based business at the time of the recession they went up against the odds, building a successful business with loans from friends and family after being refused a loan from the banks. They now have 15 stockist and sell around 80,000 sandals a year (yeah I know wow!) and show no signs of stopping. Ive selected a few of my favourite styles, and with the summer on its way now would be the best time to stock up!

Chanel Slingbacks

I'm obsessed! I love these heels by Chanel, I have seen them all over fashion bloggers instagrams and I have recently noticed them being filtered through to fast fashion stores too.  Kitten block heels are totally on trend, and have been for the last season and Chanel have totally nailed the style. Sling backs and squoval (square and oval) fronts are totally in too, so there is no wonder the fast fashion brands are quick to emulate this trend. I think this will be an iconic shoe for Chanel, one which will be perfect for the summer paired with cropped jeans.

Sophia Webster Boutique

Yes!!!! the day has finally come, a brand spanking new boutique in the heart of London, on Mount Street mews near Bond Street station - the store opened to the public on Friday. The store looks stunning - exactly what you would expect of a new store for Sophia Webster shoes - it's beautifully decked out with bespoke furniture by Stuart Scott and cute little finishing touches. This store is worth a visit even if you aren't buying shoes! I can imagine the next few weeks and months will be super busy with new visitors but I would definitely take a look around since the first few months are usually when all the promotions and events take place, you may even be in for a surprise!

Roderick Pieters X Proef

I present to you the most easy to assemble pair of shoes you have ever come across by Japanese designer Roderick Pieters. The Loper Shoe launched through Kickstarter in collaboration with designer brand Proef last month and its sole purpose for design was to eradicate the production process by allowing the end user to assemble the shoe themselves without the use of any glue and with the help of their step by step video guide. The product as you can imagine has all the inner workings of Japanese design, simplistic yet full of character. The soles can come in a variety of colour and each shoe is made up from a plastic sole and leather insoles and uppers with the option to repair them if needs be. The design work is exceptional, the thought process has been extremely thorough to bring you a new way of thinking about footwear, construction and ultimately production.

Vogue 100 Exhibition

I have been desperate to go to this exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery ever since its open date in February and it finally happened on Saturday. The boyfriend and I decided to have date day and all though we had to wait an hour until our allocated slot the exhibition was well worth it. I have been an avid Vogue collector since my mum bought me the subscription for christmas years ago, (slightly obsessed since I've kept every copy!) so I was excited to see the front covers that I hadn't seen before. I absolutely loveeeeed it! The exhibition took around 45 minutes to get through (good running time! ha) and the rooms were decked out in great imagery from some of the fashion photography greats. As I walked through the exhibition I could see so many of the covers that Grace Coddington had curated and it was nice to know the back story of how the shoots were produced and put together. The covers for the first few magazines were beautifully illustrated and the huge archive that they've exhibited was stunning. This is the last week for the exhibition and Sunday will be the last day, make sure you head down there before you miss a great exhibition.

All Things Mochi!

The summer is ALL about espadrilles, be it wedges or flats; so my first recommendation for you guys is to head straight to all things Mochi! Im totally obsessed with them. They not only have beautifully embroidered footwear but clothing and accessories too. They primarily focus on bright colours in embroidery and one of a kind pieces. They celebrate handcrafted products from local artisans that specialise in embroidered textiles and craftsmanship from all over the world, including India and Africa, their products in my opinion do so well because they have adopted modern aesthetics with western silhouettes and styles that highlight just how amazing the skill involved is. Mochi has to be your first port of call for your summer wardrobe!

The Book Review: 4/12 April Edition 

To Kill A Mockingbird

I have finally got through this book, I know I'm a little late with this and a little late with starting the next book since I should have started that a couple weeks back, but I have finished which is the main thing. I have to be honest the reason its taken me a while is because I have struggled to really get in to this book ( I know shock horror), I feel guilty even saying it because I know how loved this novel is. I have to say it took reading past two thirds of the book before I could really get hooked. Once I had, though, it was difficult to put the book down. Now its finished I see how the first few chapters really set you up, and build the relationships and atmosphere for the most important part of the book, the court room where Atticus Finch defends Tom Robinson. On reflection this book has reinforced a few things I have always thought; kids points of views are generally very raw and simplistic but often very honest and true, secondly the father daughter relationship is a profound one that should always be cherished, lastly prejudice has no place on this earth. I guess all thats left to say is read this book (if you haven't already) - its a classic for good reason!

This new shoe label from Paris is a new favourite of mine, I came across it a couple days ago and I just love it! The styles offer comfort and coolness and have a real Parisian Chic look for a modern yet urban woman. Ive totally warmed to flats, and these comfy delights are a fantastic option for casual wear even though they are in the slightly more luxe end of fashion. Ahaas short for An hour and A shower launched in 2015 with Dorothee Loerman and Antoine Thieser as the creative directors. They're stocked in Tokyo, Paris and New York and have a bright future ahead of them especially while flats and sliders are still ruling the runway.

why I have a love hate relationship with Tassels

Last week I set out to do a 10 day trial course to see what I'd be able to design and make. There have been a few hiccups along the way, and now that the 2 weeks are over (well the 10 working days I had planned) I have come to realise that Modeling and running a startup business are HUGE distractions (I mean who was I kidding? where was I going to find 10 whole days to work on footwear straight?)  All in all if I were to add up all the hours I have actually worked on this trial collection the grand total would be 4 days, so technically speaking I have 6 days left of the course. (haaaa looking at me trying to find the silver lining) However the 4 days I have spent on the course has annoyingly gone to making TASSELS, who'd have thought it? Now they are time consuming little things, that are an absolute annoyance to make but once they are made you are overcome with joy because they just look so pretty, hence the love hate relationship I'm currently having with them. So with that said, heres a little photo diary of how they are looking so far!

Chanel Cruise Collection '17

Now this was spectacle not to be missed, karl Lagerfeld presented Chanels Cruise collection in Havana Cuba amongst fashions' elite, vintage cars and locals, I JUST LOVED IT! After my carribean escape in March I have been OBSESSED with the island life style, weather, food and culture. I was in awe watching footage and images from the show and it really took me back to my holiday (the holiday blues quickly set in aferwards - boooo!) The collection was something I really related to, I've always enjoyed watching the extravagance of the Chanel shows and completely appreciated the garments but in previous shows some of the clothing I couldn't quite see my self in, but this collection had a number of pieces that I could definitely wear in the summer. Their accessories have always been something I've loved, I mean who doesn't love a quilted Chanel bag or canvas espadrilles? The accessories  really stood out to me in this collection, lots of sliders and mid heel footwear, along with pretty heeled sandals completed all of the beautiful ensembles. Below are a few of my favourite looks.