.....and they're finished!

I cannot wait to get my feet into these shoe, I've been planning outfits in my head as I've been working on them. These are the last few process stages, I wanted to stray away from using the typical high heel strap method (where the front straps are lasted over the insole board) I wanted to tap holes using a punch to make an opening for the straps to be placed through. I also wanted the shoe to be as minimal as possible because the tassels were so beautiful. I'm sure when I've found an outfit perfect for them i'll get a style post ready!

Progress on the Tassel Shoe

I had been busy all weekend and only found time yesterday to work on these tassel shoes. I managed to make up the tassels and get the front strap in place. I also managed to cover the heels, and since the style of the shoe is very simple this process didn't take very long either. Im hoping to have these shoes finished by the end of the week so I can hopefully make use of them in this lovely weather!

My Top 5 Wedges this Summer

The summer screams wedges so todays post will celebrate my top 5 wedges from high street steals to splurges that may break the bank but are OH so worth it!

Paul Andrew - Adalet

Tesco - Open toe Espadrille Wedges £12!!!

Giuseppe Zanotti £162

Asos - Jacqueline Pointed Espadrilles £22

Jimmy Choo - Neyo Suede Espadrilles £395

Tassel Love

While I was in Washington DC, one tourist spot that got me buzzing was Dupont Circle, mainly because it reminded me of London's Soho and made me feel very at home. Another reason was for its famous independent bead store Beadazzled. I had an absolute ball in the place and obviously had to buy  a few bits. I've had a pair of shoes in mind for ages with tassels and beads (inspiration from my Jimmy Choo Shoes and Mood boards that I had made recently) and thought Beadazled would be the best place to get some ideas and buy a items. Of course it didn't actually go that way, a few turned into a lot and $30 later I had the makings of my tassels. So yesterday was day one of designing and experimenting. I picked out beads and tassels that complimented each other and I had already decided that the tassles would be used for a pair of high heel sandals. These are my first stages of the process, I'm hoping to have these shoes finished by next week so keep your eyes peeled!