The Book Review: 6/12 June Edition 

Letters to my Fanny

by Cherry Healey

For some this might not a be a book you could openly read on a train simply because of its title, but I felt a wonderful sense of empowerment reading this book whether it was on the train or in bed. You'd assume by the cover and the title that it would sit comfortable in the Chick Lit genre or be a bible for a feminist. I'd say you'd be right about that in some areas of the book but reading past the first few chapters I saw this book as a go to for every woman, feminist or not, for when you are lacking confidence. I say this because with every letter written in this book to which ever part of the body there is a wealth of wisdom, from her experiences as a woman and mother. This is a book celebrating every part of the body, even the bits you may not be happy with. An incredibly easy and enjoyable read peppered with hilarious anecdotes and words of wisdom.

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