Miss Black and Beautiful Exhibition

Raphael Albert

The weekend gone was set to have beautiful weather, but in true english tradition Saturday and most part of Sunday morning was pretty cloudy and dull, but we didn't let that rain on our parade! The boyfriend and I headed straight out for our day date, which took us first to this awesome new gluten free friendly restaurant - Bird in Shoreditch (of course) where I sunk my teeth into a chicken doughnut - now if you are trying to figure out what that means, in short it was a chicken fillet in an original glazed doughnut. Now hold on before you turn your nose up - this has to be up there in the top rated burgers I've ever had (and I've had a lot). After gorging on food that probably wasn't very good for us we headed to the highlight of my day; the Miss Black and Beautiful exhibition. In light of the recent heart breaking events with the Alton Sterling and Phillando Castille murders, this exhibition couldn't have come at a better time. My heart has felt extremely heavy with sadness watching the updates and news about both these cases along with the hundred's of other similar cases I have been following. I don't often like to air my opinions on such cases but this week I have felt embarrassed to be part of the human race in such a forward thinking world, where (especially in my hometown of London) people of different creeds, races, colour and sexuality's are (in most cases) openly accepted and more over CELEBRATED. The late Raphael Albert's first major solo exhibition at Rivington Place (Shoreditch) presents a number of photographs documenting more than 3 decades of work he had snapped during various black beauty pageants and cultural events he organised in London. The exhibition shouldn't take you any longer than half an hour to get through and is free entry. I urge you to make a visit, its only running for a short time (8th - 24th September) and its the very least we can do to show our support to our black communities that we love and value.

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