Since I've started my adventure into the footwear industry everything has become about inspiration - how a shoe is made and the leather and finishings used. Generally when I get into design mode I tend to flick through magazines, print off screenshots from my phone or scroll through Pinterest. I get everything down onto a massive A1 board to get all my inspiration and thoughts in one place and start designing from there. However when I went about designing yesterday I already knew what I wanted, it was more about making a mock up and experimenting. I used scrap leather that I had to make up just the right foot so that I could get a sense of the heel height and look. (I have a completely different colour of suede for the final pair in mind, which will take searching for but I was quite taken by the khaki colour by the end of it!) I documented the design process yesterday by taking photos on my phone and camera so I'm sorry for the change in quality of the images. Keep an eye open for the finished pair soon!

Maiden Heels

I absolutely love these! The Jimmy Choo Maiden heel in the red snakeskin and white leather is not my usual choice of shoe. I have never been a huge fan of white heels - surprising since I'm from Essex (ha!) but I don't know what it is about this pair that has got me all excited. I love the colour combination, not just for this pair, but for the other two pairs in this range too. I saw them first while scrolling through Pinterest - as you do - (Hi my name is Kiren Modi, and I have a Pinterest addiction - haha) looking for design inspiration. I liked the cut outs around the ankle which made them super sexy, but for some unbeknown reason to me, I absolutely loved the white patent too. (I don't have a clue what's happened to me!) So, I leave you with the image that caught my eyes in the first place, and the other two pairs designed in the same style.

The image I found on Pinterest that set this Maiden shoe obsession off!

Beige and Black Snake skin leather.

Black Patent leather with Snake Skin and Lime green Ankle strap detail.





Zara Boots - Components

Sunday evening I did the unimaginable, I went about dismantling a shoe right down to its core components. Given they were an old pair of Zara boots (which I had bought 2 pairs of) I was more than happy to say goodbye to them. Now this was by no means an easy task - I had to use every tool available in the box to take them apart but what I did learn is that shoes are a lot more complicated than meets the eye! Here's how I did it >