I was blissfully unaware of the most epic shoe collaboration between Beyonce and Giuseppe Zanotti until a couple days ago when a good friend of mine had told me. How did I not hear about this enormous collaboration? (Once I was over not knowing) I did some research and found the reason they have been snapped together so much of late is because not only have they been working on a pair of shoes but Zanotti has been busy building his empire by adding another store to his already long list of store openings. 

It's been reported that they have been working on a a pair of shoes for some time now and we should be expecting their release very soon. This collaboration comes as no surprise as their relationship has flourished over the years as Zanotti previously worked on the footwear for Beyonce's Mrs Carter Show  World Tour concerts. The shoes have been described as being a pair of "ultra thick platform stilettos" and Zanotti insists Beyonce has had complete control over the creative direction every step of the way. I can't wait to see the shoes - they'll be nothing short of amazing. Keep your eyes peeled for the release!

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