Maiden Heels

I absolutely love these! The Jimmy Choo Maiden heel in the red snakeskin and white leather is not my usual choice of shoe. I have never been a huge fan of white heels - surprising since I'm from Essex (ha!) but I don't know what it is about this pair that has got me all excited. I love the colour combination, not just for this pair, but for the other two pairs in this range too. I saw them first while scrolling through Pinterest - as you do - (Hi my name is Kiren Modi, and I have a Pinterest addiction - haha) looking for design inspiration. I liked the cut outs around the ankle which made them super sexy, but for some unbeknown reason to me, I absolutely loved the white patent too. (I don't have a clue what's happened to me!) So, I leave you with the image that caught my eyes in the first place, and the other two pairs designed in the same style.

The image I found on Pinterest that set this Maiden shoe obsession off!

Beige and Black Snake skin leather.

Black Patent leather with Snake Skin and Lime green Ankle strap detail.