Style Sessions : Curacao

Now you've all probably seen that clip on facebook about the boyfriend and husbands of bloggers, my holiday went a little bit like that, for this segment of my blog. Im so grateful to have such a supportive boyfriend even when I'm being hugely annoying with my perfectionism. We took so many pictures, and since this was my first time doing a style session I was still getting used to posing in such a way that ONLY showed off the movement in my clothes, (im so used to the focus being on my face and poses being really static) Ive learnt so much from this, the main one being even though the focus isnt on my face to still smile and have fun with the camera - sorry for all the moody looking pics - Im working on it! For now though here are a few of my favourite outfits from my holiday. Enjoy!

Topshop Dress, Office Leopard Print Shoes, Primark Hat and wooden Bangle

ASOS Mosaic Print Ombre Fringed Crop Bikini, Topshop Earrings, Ring from India, Primark Glasses Hat and Bangle


Topshop Shorts, Top from Brick Lane Market, Office Shoes, Primark Earrings

Zara Trousers, Crafted Top, Zara Shoes and Primark Earrings

Zara Top Jeans and Shoes. Primark Earrings

Zara crop jumpsuit, Shoes handmade by me, Vintage Indian Bag, Topshop earrings.

Evil Twin Bikini with gold metallic tatts, Topshop Earrings and primark glasses

Zara Jumpsuit, Office Shoes, Handmade Chain belt, Primark Earrings

Zara Jumpsuit, Office Shoes, Chain belt made by me, Clutch bag made by me, handcrafted ring from curacao and Topshop earrings.

Forever 21 Top, Culottes and Italian designer which i cant remember but can find out for you if any of you guys are interested, Zara Shoes, handmade choker and clutch by me!