Wedding Season is almost upon us! 
(or certainly the planning is well underway)


Indian Weddings are huge, they go on for days and although they can be extremely fun and colourful they can also be tiring, so the one thing a bride can do for herself is find comfy beautiful heels to get through the day. Freya Rose a footwear design graduate from London college of fashion has her own line of footwear catered towards wedding days! I know wedding attire can set you back as much as the hall hire itself, which is the reason I love the design of Freya Rose shoes, they can easily be worn after the big day making them well worth the money you pay for them. Its not often that you find wedding day shoes that you can fit into your everyday casual wear too. 

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  1. Why do women enjoy dangling their shoes (heels/flats)?
    womens flats