How to Build a Girl 
Caitlin Morrigan

As some of you may already know part of my new years resolution (along with a few other resolutions - which are going swimmingly I hope yours are too :)) was to get through a book a month. I found my self always reading fashion books (the first book read this year was the Grace Coddingtons  memoirs but I promise it'll be the last for year unless its for inspiration) OR motivational books. I decided to change my reading genres and got myself an account with Good Reads and take recommendations off friends and family. This months book was recommended by one of my cousins - How to build a Girl by Caitlin Moran. Now its not exactly for the faint hearted or for the prudes amongst us BUT its a hugely moving and extremely funny account of the protagonist's struggle (Johanna Morrigan AKA Dolly Wilde) as a teenager when it comes to boys, career choices, family, music and (scarily for a girl her age (14) - I might be sounding old now) sex. Johanna or Dolly as she is mostly referred to through out the book, takes us on her journey of extreme peaks and extreme lows with wit and charm and some often thought provoking situations that either make you cringe with her of cry for her - A light read that has just enough happening in it to make you carry on reading.

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