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I come across talented shoe makers on social media regularly, I'm either mesmerised by the designs and the quality of the hand made shoes, or in awe of the process videos they make, each one with their own little touch of personality depending on the maker. I often wonder what their studios are like, what tools they prefer using, their favourite style of shoes and most importantly what I'd be able to learn from them if I was ever able to meet them. A couple weeks ago, I had an epiphany, while planning what to pack for my holiday to Curacao (part of the ABC Islands - that are just off the coast of Venezuela). I set off with my family and boyfriend next week to see my uncle who works out there so we can commemorate my Dads life (Im hoping holidays around this time of year becomes a regular thing! - Much prefer remembering my Dad this way!). My uncle has mentioned a number of times a shoe maker who's studio isn't too far from where lives, instantly I was intrigued. My aunt had sent me pictures of sandals she had made by the shoe makers in this very studio and I was hooked. (this is where the epiphany comes in) I figured this would be a fantastic way to meet shoe makers and see how they work; while travelling - documenting the beautiful journey along the way through the blog. With this in mind, and the power of social media I thought I'd put the feelers out to see whether any of you guys know any shoe makers in the below locations or if indeed you are a shoe maker yourself and would like to be featured on the blog! Feel free to comment with the names and websites of the shoe makers you have in mind!

Curacao : 18th - 27th March 2016

Washington DC : 11th - 18th June 2016

New York : 18th June 2016

Hong Kong : 8th - 12th September 2016

Tokyo : 12th - 24th September 2016 (exact number of days here TBC)

Kyoto : 12th - 24th September 2016 (exact number of days here TBC)

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