Curaçao Photo Diary

Punda - Curacaos beautiful little town

Curacao in one word is Paradise. This was my first trip to a Caribbean island and I have to say I'm HOOKED! So much so that the boyfriend and I started talking about next years holiday to another island in the Caribbean. The weather never dropped below 35 degrees (even at night it was really hot) and the seafood was just sublime. We had the opportunity of trying some of the local catches including Red Snapper. To top that (which was my favourite part about island life) the beaches were Stunning! My uncle has lived there for a little over 6 months now so he has explored and found some beautiful, secluded beaches where the water is clear as day and the sand is the whitest I have ever seen. The locals take so much pride and care of their beaches that they are some the cleanest beaches around, they're always so happy to talk to you and have you involved in so much of their culture - we saw BBQs on practically every beach we went to, which seemed like something that came so naturally to them, and was pivotal to Island Living. 

Since the holiday was all about remembering Dad the first day was spent enjoying and reflecting. We did this the only way we knew how, on a golf course at the driving range.We all had a go at trying to hit the golf ball (most of them I missed) and then headed to the bar and watched the sunset. The views were just stunning from that side of the island. The rest of the week was spent hunting down gorgeous secluded beaches and views, places to eat and lots of sunbathing and snorkelling. We seriously didnt want to come home but as always all good things must come to an end. I had such a blast being in such a beautiful island, with lovely weather, great food and fantastic company.

Flying out

Distance - we couldn't even see the Island we were landing on!

Thank god for Economy Comfort! Andy and I always struggle with leg room!

Me trying to be artistic with the light

Arriving at Bonaire Airport

Curacao we made it!

Kyoto - First stop food! we landed late because of delays so we were ravenous!

First day in Curacao

Food shop! Buying huge avocados at the local supermarket...


Lizards were everywhere!

The wind was just not cooperating with my hair.

Ice Cream stop

Candid Mike Mama

Mum matching her ice cream to her outfit.

Can't resist and Ice Cream cone

Punda Town

Famous moving bridge of Punda - Curacao is home to huge oil containers dragged by tug boats past this bridge when it opens.


Lunch is up!

Golf Buggys!

Trying out the driving range

Trying to golf in Wedges

I couldn't image being any where else on the 19th March


Bar for drinks

Day 2 Mambo beach attire - ill be uploading a style diary from this holiday soon!

Papagayo Beach's infinity pool

Intense novel Session - book review will be up soon!

Day 4 - Lazy day by the pool

Iguanas just everywhere!
Day 5 - Fishing!

Ishmail getting the fish hooks ready with bait

Klein Curacao, (literally meaning little Curacao) the most beautiful secluded island I have ever seen.

Attire for Fort Nassau that evening.

Fort Nassau restaurant



Day 6 Love metallic tattoos on beach holidays!

Turtle Bay

Alan! - this adorable kid searched all day for crabs!

This adorable couldnt help but pose when i got the camera out! They were just so adorable!


Day 7 - Tugboat Beach with storm trooper snorkels

Day 8 sad times - Home Time

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