My 5 must haves to take on holiday

Beach holidays are the best! Endless amount of time spent on the beach basking in the sun. With summer not so far away I have come up with a list of 5 things that aren't necessarily essential but definitely worth remembering to fill in all the relax time with. I often find sunny holidays are so relaxed that all you want to do is use the time to read that book that you have been meaning to read for months, or start writing again, or to do something you haven't really done before. My list is a little personal to me but may give you some food for thought when thinking about your next adventure.

1. A Novel. Nicely tying into my new years resolution this holiday has allowed me to get through The Girl on the Train - my newest read (a review of the book will be on its way soon). Now with out giving too much away the book tells the story of three couples who's lives are unknowingly intertwined by the protagonist of the novel - the the girl on the train. Its gripping and intense and totally the perfect book to keep you reading. The best way to get through books on holiday is to pick the right book in the first place and I certainly have with this gem of a read.

2. Notebook,diarising my trips has been something i've doing the past three years, I have travelled so much since my dad past away, mostly because i've found it gives me time to reflect, explore and REALLY live. Without sounding cliché, death can really give you perspective, in the year and a half after my dad died I went through a lot of ups and downs with friends and family and travelling really did give me time to reflect, this journey was difficult but writing while travelling really helped me through - looking back on them they have showed me how far I have come and the lessons I have learnt. My boyfriend and I now keep a joint diary on our travels so that we can look back at all the great things we got up to. I usually pick my notebooks up from either Paperchase or Tiger (they're usually around £3-£10 each) and then make a leather cover for it when I'm finished.

3. I have always loved shoes but now that I have taken a more active role in having shoe making as a career i'm always looking at new designs, trends and styling. Espadrilles are absolutely essential for me on summer holidays. The best thing about them is that they are something you can take on holiday and make while you are there, which is exactly what I have done. I prepared the uppers before I left so that I could do the repetitive, not so brain taxing stitching while i'm sitting on a sun lounger in the patio of the apartment we are staying at.

4. My uncle came back from the Caribbean over christmas and showed us all the amazing things he had been up to in Curacao, one of them being the snorkeling. He managed to get some great shots on his under water camera and we were so excited by what we saw it was the next thing to go and purchase for our trip. The boyfriend had hunted down these serious snorkels that made snorkeling easier. (This snorkel allows you to breathe normally unlike standard snorkels where you have to suck the air in and let air out from your nose.) They cost around £30 which is quite pricey but definitely worth it!

5. Not so obvious but pretty essential, a hat. I purchased this new one from Primark and not only is it trendy but also so helpful with the heat I have been enduring out here. Its reached 35/36 degrees everyday which as you can imagine is pretty hot. I haven't been wearing it much while i've been on the sun loungers because I love a tan as much as the next person, but I have been wearing it while in transit, walking from different locations because sometimes wearing sunglasses can get a little annoying. I chose this specific hat because the large rim of the hat reminded me of the scene in SATC where Samantha is having something to eat on her patio with this HUGE hat on - I basically wanted to be her from that scene looking all stylish and glam!

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