Practice Makes Perfect 

Handmade pointed flat lace ups

Pointed flat lace up inspo

Now that I have a better routine in place and the modeling has calmed down, I have been able to make time for designing and making. This week I was able to start lasting a pair of flat pointed lace up shoes, that I have been meaning to complete for a while. The shoes will be for my sister as I have used a size 4 last and will have eyelets attached to the uppers to have laces looped into them. Now this is my first time attempting a pair of flats with an intricate upper detail, where the stitching doesn't take its usual route around the top line. I have designed the upper with some areas that are quite intricate especially where stitching is involved.  Lasting the lining became quite a challenge, with making sure both shoes mirrored each other. I only managed to get to this stage as I had no toe puffs or counters to put in place. I will be completing this at some point this week (follow me on snapchat for the rest of this project : kirennmodi) and Im hoping this part will be a bit easier to complete. See below for some of my process shots so far - sorry the quality isn't amazing; I took the pictures via snapchat!

Taping the bottom of the last to get a sole pattern

All taped up

Tape pattern on paper so i have a firmer pattern to draw around when transferring to Texon Board

cut out pattern

Texon and foam cut out.

Gluing the foam to the texon board.

Covering the foam and texon with leather

Pleating the leather around the board.

Using the clicking knife to skive the pleats and excess leather off.

Attaching the insole boards to the lasts and then attaching the uppers with masking tape.

Uppers attached to last and the lining lasted to insole board.

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