Aquazzura launches a Mini line!

Up there in my top 5 footwear brands, Aquazzura has always impressed me and they've done it again launching a 'mini' line. They're just ADORABLE! The most iconic designs have been redesigned for the mini Aquazzura girl just in time for spring 17'. The mini range will be sold at the brand’s own flagship, as well as at international retailers including Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Wynn Las Vegas, Luisa Via Roma, La Rinascente and Level Shoe District
DIY - Frayed Hem Jeans

I 've be been obsessed with frayed hem jeans for a little while now and have been waiting to do a tutorial on them when I finally decided which jeans were going to make the cut (excuse the pun). I bought this pair from Zara in India when I went 2 years back, - they were in the sale (obvs) and since I'm not keen on the length of them I decided they would be perfect to fray. So here you go - a little DIY on how to fray your own pair of jeans!

What you need:

Ball point of dress makers chalk (whatever you have available to you)

Using the scissors make a snip up the inside seam of the leg to the length of how long you would like the frayed section to be. Turn the jeans inside out and with a pen mark a line along the width of the leg from the end of your cut. This is your guide to make sure you don't end up getting to carried away with the fraying.

Using the scissors cut the original hems off the bottom of the jeans. Once these are removed you are ready to start fraying. Using the unpicker start pulling away the white fibre strands (if you have regular standard denim jeans - the blue type). As you start pulling away the strands you may find you can pull the strands clean away from the rest of the jean. Carry on doing this until you reach the pen mark you drew in as your guide.


The 'it' shoe - Dsqaured2; Riri

I suppose they speak for themselves, they're just so effortless and sexy that wearing them with just about anything will make you look good. They seem to be the shoe of choice at the moment (even though they were released over a year ago) with all the celebs gracing the red carpets, awards ceremonies and Christmas events. Now they aren't cheap, at £730 BUT if you were looking for a way to justify your self for buying them in one word - classic. The shoe will never go out of fashion and I'm sure will easily become a wardrobe staple. Aptly named after Rihanna the lady who might possibly have them in all the colours available, wears them so well - its no wonder they were named after her! With the likes of Chrissy Tiegen, Kelly Rowland, Rita Ora and Kendall Jenner wearing them they just have to be winners. So here they are; prepare to drool!

Kendals memorable moment in the RiRi's

Trend Alert : Satin Shoes

I know what your thinking...Satin Shoes?! aren't they like sooo 30 years ago and only for weddings? I BEG TO DIFFER this season since the launch of Manolo Blahniks satin beauties with designer label Vetements. The trend seems to be having traction especially with the high end brands and I'm sure will soon be on the shop floors of most high street stores perfectly in time for the Christmas festivities. For now I will leave you with some of my favourite satin finds from the huge fashion houses to the affordable fast fashion stores.



Nine West £69

Gianvitto Rossi £420

Miu Miu £845