The 'it' shoe - Dsqaured2; Riri

I suppose they speak for themselves, they're just so effortless and sexy that wearing them with just about anything will make you look good. They seem to be the shoe of choice at the moment (even though they were released over a year ago) with all the celebs gracing the red carpets, awards ceremonies and Christmas events. Now they aren't cheap, at £730 BUT if you were looking for a way to justify your self for buying them in one word - classic. The shoe will never go out of fashion and I'm sure will easily become a wardrobe staple. Aptly named after Rihanna the lady who might possibly have them in all the colours available, wears them so well - its no wonder they were named after her! With the likes of Chrissy Tiegen, Kelly Rowland, Rita Ora and Kendall Jenner wearing them they just have to be winners. So here they are; prepare to drool!

Kendals memorable moment in the RiRi's

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