So here they are - the last few process shots, I finally got around to finishing them. The last few steps included making soles, attaching heels, and adding eyelets and lace. Apologies for the delay life just totally got in the way! Better pictures of these beauties coming soon. I will be adding videos on the @higheelshighhopesblog and on the @madebykirenmodi Instagram.


A bit of a tongue twister hey? This fashion shoe brand named after a Finnish alcoholic beverage aptly titled 'The Marshall's Shot' launched in AW15 was desinged by Texan Born footwear designer Nicole Brundage. A student from the Istituto Marangoni this Switzerland based brand likes to have a playful yet elegant take on footwear and I can only imagine this is down to her training and work with Zac Posen and Manolo Blahnik. The footwear is produced in Italy and ranges from around $400 to $795 and you have the options of customisations for the heel heights, colours and even personalised messages on the actual shoe it selfI'm excited to see this brand grow and see what the next collection will grace us with.

The Book Review: 10/12 October Edition 


by Sophia Amoruso

Where do I start with this book? Maybe a disclaimer since the most recent news on Sophia Amoruso doesn't bode well with the great review I originally wanted to give this book. Since Amoruso declared bankruptcy a couple weeks back I have been contemplating writing this review at all, since the whole book advocates savy spending, and the rise of the Nasty Gal empire that all started from selling a stolen book on Ebay. The book should be classed as a motivational yet down to earth guide on how to make money responsibly, I was shocked by the bankruptcy news especially since reading the book made you perceive Amoruso as highly intelligible and a business minded woman. In all honesty I wouldn't be surprised if this 'bankcruptcy' was more of a smart money aware move like just like 50 cent had done a couple months back. Not to mention the looming netflix documentary thats set for release in 2017 - you know the age old saying; bad publicity is good publicity,
Stella luna - The celebs new go to designer

The usual players in the footwear world dominate red carpet events but Stella Luna the new kid on the block with her fresh exquisite designs are totally creating a riot! Seen on bloggers and celebrities alike this new brand has had a warm reception and will surely become a house hold name along with seasoned veterans Jimmy Choo and Manolo.