The Book Review: 10/12 October Edition 


by Sophia Amoruso

Where do I start with this book? Maybe a disclaimer since the most recent news on Sophia Amoruso doesn't bode well with the great review I originally wanted to give this book. Since Amoruso declared bankruptcy a couple weeks back I have been contemplating writing this review at all, since the whole book advocates savy spending, and the rise of the Nasty Gal empire that all started from selling a stolen book on Ebay. The book should be classed as a motivational yet down to earth guide on how to make money responsibly, I was shocked by the bankruptcy news especially since reading the book made you perceive Amoruso as highly intelligible and a business minded woman. In all honesty I wouldn't be surprised if this 'bankcruptcy' was more of a smart money aware move like just like 50 cent had done a couple months back. Not to mention the looming netflix documentary thats set for release in 2017 - you know the age old saying; bad publicity is good publicity,

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