My first holiday of the year has finally surfaced, and all in aid of my Dad. Saturday 19th March will mark three years since his passing, and this year we thought to do something different. This time of year is always a really difficult time for my mum, sister and I, so we figured going on holiday in his memory to note this occasion would make things a little easier. The destination; Curacao was picked mostly because it coincided with my uncles current working location, which is a pretty perfect sunny spot. Curacao for those of you who are like WHERE? (Don't worry I didn't know where it was up until about 6 months ago when my uncle moved there) is located north of the Venezuelan Coast so has a pretty humid and hot temperature. So as you can imagine Ive had an absolute field day packing lots of colourful summer clothes and shoes to go with - naturally! So this post is mostly for you guys to see what footwear I packed. Pictures of what I actually wear with them will follow on my return.

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