Wayne Thiebaud

'Shoe Rows' - 1975

Sometimes (and only sometimes) if you're not able to purchase that pair of shoes that you so desperately want, the next best thing is beautifully painted shoes. Enter Wayne Thiebaud. He is best known for painting inanimate everyday objects and he was commonly associated with the Pop Art movement because  of the objects he chose to depict - shoes being one of many. My interest in Wayne Thiebaud came about when I saw one of his paintings 'Shoe Rows' - 1975, (the name of the painting explains it self) - I loved the vibrant colours he used and the mood they created even though from the outset the shoes were very plain and boring. He injects life into these everyday possibly unimportant objects with such ease and character, so for now I'm going to leave you with some his paintings (of shoes obviously) that I just adore.

'Display Shoe' 

'Bow Tie, Pick and Shoe' - 1972

'Shoe Rows'

'Shoe Rows'

'Black Shoes' - 1963

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