The Traveling Notebook of Shoe Makers

Chapter 2: Elizabeth Dunn

I first met Elizabeth when I took on a design course at the I Can Make Shoes studio about a year and a half ago, I was eager to learn and completely immerse myself into the footwear world. I asked her endless questions about the industry and how she got into footwear I was mesmerised by all she had achieved so far. (Making shoes to be later worn by Lady Gaga is a huge acomplishment) Low and behold  a couple months later, I was interning in the very studio she worked from and I was able to see her process from design to an actual pair of shoes. I enjoyed coming into to the studio because there would always be a new product on the horizon that we could all admire. Her design skill and craftsmanship was inspiring,  so when she said she was leaving for NYC I was filled with joy and sadness at the same time, she was so lovely to be around, her personality brightened up the room instantly but I was SO excited for her to be able to fulfil her dreams of moving to NYC to carry on with her own brand and label. (My life long goal too - ONE DAY!!!) So on my trip to NYC I obviously jumped at the opportunity to be able to catch up with her in Williamsburg which is where she now lives and works. The Brooklyn Shoe space based in Williamsburg too, is where Elizabeth produces most of her creations now and I always look forward to seeing her new collections, it makes it all the more worth while knowing she has made each piece herself. Head to her website for more.

Elizabeth's latest collection.

I loved these!

A commission Elizabeth made for a client

Gorgeous handmade Wedding shoes!

Lizzy making a pair of her sandals from her latest collection

Walking around the Studio! I loved this space!

You can imagine what caught my eye! MERMAID LEATHER

The first time Ive seen a skiving machine! 

Lizzy wearing her handmade handbag and sandals!


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