why I have a love hate relationship with Tassels

Last week I set out to do a 10 day trial course to see what I'd be able to design and make. There have been a few hiccups along the way, and now that the 2 weeks are over (well the 10 working days I had planned) I have come to realise that Modeling and running a startup business are HUGE distractions (I mean who was I kidding? where was I going to find 10 whole days to work on footwear straight?)  All in all if I were to add up all the hours I have actually worked on this trial collection the grand total would be 4 days, so technically speaking I have 6 days left of the course. (haaaa looking at me trying to find the silver lining) However the 4 days I have spent on the course has annoyingly gone to making TASSELS, who'd have thought it? Now they are time consuming little things, that are an absolute annoyance to make but once they are made you are overcome with joy because they just look so pretty, hence the love hate relationship I'm currently having with them. So with that said, heres a little photo diary of how they are looking so far!

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