Kiren Modi X Megan Sophia

A year ago I modelled in a fashion show which exhibited the finest in Indian wedding attire, which is where I met Megan, little did I know that a whole year later (weirdly to the day) we would meet up to collaborate on something pretty special. Megan - the queen of embellishing has kindly offered up her talent and time to add that little something special on a few up and coming projects. First up a pair of shoes, of which we have both started to design. Excited is an understatement I have been eager to get my teeth into a new project and learn a new skill and this must be it! I've always loved embellishment, whether its on footwear or clothing - it just adds luxury and intrigue, like how on earth have the beads been stitched on? and I wonder how long thats taken to do? I guess all my questions will soon be answered, I can't wait to start working with Megan on this project - keep your eyes peeled. For now here are some of the ideas we have been playing around with and most importantly some of Megan's beautiful work.

Megan's Work


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