Kiren Modi X Megan Sophia 

So last week Megan and I had a super productive couple of days working on our collaboration. We finalised the bead selection and the designs we are working on. WOOHOO! So this week was all about the production. The bead work, understandably takes a little while to do so Megan made an early start with sample ideas and I carried on with making sure the pattern fitted snug onto the foot. Without giving too much away the outcome is looking pretty spot on to what we both visualised. Megan has also introduced me to the most amazing trimming store in Soho which I can't get enough of so Im pretty sure i'll be heading there more often too. Now the pics don't give too much away as we want to keep that a little secret until we launch so for now above is one of the sample embellishments Megan has been working on along with some of the colour ways we have decided to work with! Enjoy! :)

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