Malone Souliers Minismalls!

When i started this blog Malone Souliers was the first post, something in my bones told me they were a force to be reckoned with in the luxury footwear market. My bones were right, I wrote that first post just over two years ago and they have come leaps and bounds since, with Solange as one of their major fans the label is only going from strength to strength and nothing proves that more than the launch of their new 'Minismalls' line thats recently been released online and at Dubai's Level Shoe District ( I couldn't think of a more fitting place for this brand). Mary Alice Malone and Roy Luwolt have debuted the 'Minismalls' line with their signature Robyn flats but with a difference - a rounded toe silhouette instead of the point. With luxury shoe brands like Malone Souliers, Sophia Webster and Aquazzura really taking note of the little people in our lives, I can definitely see similar brands doing the same too, so I look forward to seeing what brands take the leap into the kids market this year. For now I leave you with a few illustrations of what to expect of Malone Souliers new kids line!

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