How to pack for a 2 week Holiday

So I'm off to Washington DC for a week on Saturday, followed by a week in NY. IM SO STOKED!! Mum, my sister and I planned this before our last holiday in Curacao, and since my dad passed away we haven't had an all girls holiday. I have never been to Washington before so I'm excited to go to Olivia Popes hometown and see all the shots that I've seen in Scandal (haha I'm obsessed with the program) My mum has never been to Washington or NY so I'm excited to show her around all my favourite places in NY, on top of all the tourist attractions. Luckily the one constant is the weather. We have been eagerly checking the weather and its been in the high 20's for the last few weeks so we are in for a hot couple of weeks, so packing thankfully will be slightly easier since all the clothes will be summery. So here are my five tips on packing for a two week holiday.

TIP 1 Undergarments

This is one area that I go overboard on. I get scared that I'm never going to have enough of the right underwear so go mad packing everything I own in the underwear department (well pretty much all of it). I have taken underwear that matches up with the outfits I'm wearing (since it will be hot a couple strapless bras too) instead of just chucking them in the bag, and hoping they go with all the outfits I have taken, swiftly moving on to my next point...


Organise your outfits for every day you are there. Then look at how you could pair up the outfits differently so that you can slowly take out items that you might not actually need.


SHOES - this is another area I can easily get carried away in, while you are laying out your outfits figure out what shoes you can get away with wearing for multiple outfits - always remember a pair of flats or sneaks, you never know what you might need them for.


Roll! don't fold, I thought this was a myth but it actually works - try it out and thank me later!


Accessories are the best way to change up a daytime outfit into a night time one, so if you have reduced the amount of clothing you are taking add some nice jewellery instead that way you effectively have more outfits just with added sparkle!

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