DAY 1 Down Town Washington

Yesterday was Awesome, it was our first day in Washington. We are staying in the Reston area so we took a short subway journey (I'm an American already ha!) to Foggy Bottom Hill - interesting name I know, and walked straight to the Lincoln Memorial. The memorial was phenomenal to look at just because its bloody HUGE! It just brought back the millions of movie scenes that I had seen this shot in, from the memorial you were able to see the George Washington commemoration - the monument, another image seen regularly in movies. As you can see, most of the sight seeing felt like I was being dropped in and out of different movies, the topper? the weather, it was 90 farenheit! the only thing that felt slightly different was the hustle and bustle of a regular day in downtown Washington. Since we decided to do all the tourist locations on a Sunday (because its less busy) it was devoid of any city workers. After seeing the White House (which was slightly underwhelming to be quite honest, I've seen bigger houses in Buckhurst Hill! ok slight exaggeration but it wasn't as big as you imagine!) and various other tourist hotspots mum and I headed for the shops down Gee Street. The stores were amazing, just because of their size, so much choice and styles, though you have to remember style inspo differs from America and the UK. The city is beautiful, I can't to see more of through out the week. Follow me on snapchat for more live up dates: kirennmodi

Lincoln Memorial

View of the monument from the Lincoln Memorial

The exact spot where Martin Luther king made his I Have a Dream Speech!

Its Abraham Lincoln

The view from the Lincoln Memorial to the monument

The Martin Luther King Memorial

The Monument!

The White House!

Strolling through Washington DC while shopping.

#ootd Dress is from a market in Lake Como Italy, Bag is from a Morrocan bag stool from Granda Spain, Shoes from F&F Tesco, Sunglasses from Primark!

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