5 shoes to help you transition from spring to summer

The last couple of weeks have got me feeling well and truly excited about the summer, and its at this time of year that the question 'right what shoes should I wear with this?' pops up even more so. Now assuming your wardrobe is slightly lighter now with your roll necks neatly tucked into the back of your wardrobe what you're wearing doesn't necessarily match the shoes - there is no way boots are going to cut it with this new spring outfit or weather I hear you say - so to help you out with this small and easily rectifiable situation I have brought together a selection of footwear that will help you easily transition from spring to summer so you are feeling perfectly fitted out for when we have those slightly cooler days that aren't quite spring or summer. The best thing to come out of this particular cycle of fashion is the humble slider/slider mule. Now they may  take a little time to get used to but I'm sure you're going to love them. They're totally perfect as transition pieces as they don't totally cover up your foot and leave your ankles and heels revealed - basically the happy medium between being cold and warm or in-between spring and summer, they aren't quite summer sandals or spring ballet pumps! AWESOME! So here it is my must have slider collection for transitioning into spring and summer.

Alexander Wang £425

Sam Edelman £115

Lanvin £755

Topshop £56

New Look £49.99

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