Port de Pollença

A little photo diary of my recent trip to Port de Pollença in the Balaeric Island of Mallorca (or Majorca to us Brits). Most of the pictures were taken by my budding photographer boyfriend on his professional cannon camera, and the others were taken on my measly phone which doesn't have as great a quality. (you'll notice these will be the pictures of the  inevitably popular espadrilles in Spain) Under some of the photos I've put a bit more detail describing what I'm wearing and what's been photographed..... TAAAKKKKEEE ME BACKKKK!

Day1: 36 degrees, a light breeze, crystal clear water and a sun bed was all we needed.

Found these awesome weaved sliders which I now regret not buying :(

Night out on the town and found these super edgy animal print espadrilles - obviously had to get a snap (photo taken on my phone so I'm sorry for the quality)

Evening strolls were my fave; espadrilles were obviously the go to - these sparkly peacock numbers caught my eye! (photo taken on my phone so I'm sorry for the quality)

Cap De Formentor

Cap De Formentor

Mountain X Sea

My favourite shot by the boyfriend from the Cap De Formentor

Shoes: Wedges from Zara - turned me into a giant!

Calvari Steps

Panoramic of the view from the top of the Calvari Steps

Team Shot!

Cala St Vincente - saw the hugest waves I have ever seen!

Dinner Time: French Connection dress that I've had for years and haven't got the heart to get rid of, and of course those Zara wedges

My mums vintage jumpsuit (she wore this in her 20s and I will never let her throw it away) Zara tribal print sandals.

can't get enough of the heels!

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