Acrylic X Perspex X Jelly

However you like to call them - I call them plastic shoes, have taken the world by storm and won't be leaving your wardrobes any time soon. So with this in mind I thought I'd bring to your attention the mother of all shoes plastic - Melissa. You'll probably be thinking who? but you're most likely to think 'ohhhhhhhh' when I tell you that these shoe makers were the ones  behind the  collaboration with Vivienne Westwood in 2008 with her infamous rubber slingback and ballet pumps.  A Brasilian brand that has expanded world wide and that are set to have another great season since the heavily featured acrylics, bondage and perspex  in footwear and accessories in the February shows. They land some great collaborations and their campaigns are bright and fun. They have a great eye for knowing whats on trend and also seem to get away with using matt appearing rubber surfaces to create that extra edge. Go check them out while you can there are some great offers on at the moment that would be silly to miss!

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