Shoe of the Week



A bit of a double whammy here, I've chosen the 'Shania' shoe by Jane Cult for two reasons; one reason is pretty obvious - how cute are these sandals? Lace up sandals are totally in and at the bargain price of £27.99 you can't go wrong. The second reason I chose these shoes was to introduce new brand Jane Cult. Their website only launched yesterday so there are some great introductory deals so I would suggest heading over there as soon as possible to take advantage of them. (There is an extra 10% off your first purchase with discount code 'yay10'). These particular shoes are also available in black and nude and the range of shoes on the site are on bang on trend and affordable - I just love them! Give them a quick follow on Instagram (its where I saw the extra10% off) as they're always updating with new content and new styles - so why not be one of the first ones to say your wearing Jane Cults? - Join the cult!!

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