7 perfect christmas gifts for Shoe lovers 
(that aren't shoes)

I love christmas and the best part about it (for me) is the giving. I try to make them thoughtful gifts even if they are stocking fillers so that they won't just end up in the back of a wardrobe or draw somewhere in the house only to be found 6 months later with no use. So I've decided to put a list together of the perfect gifts for the shoe lover in your life that aren't shoes! (hhhmmmm maybe one pair of shoes - after all they are shoe lovers!) 

Shoe Calendar £10.99

For the organised shoe lover - this is perfect! I love this, every day greets you with a new shoe thats just as creative as the last.

I Can Make Shoes Ballet Pump Kit £39.95

For the creative shoe lover - if making is their thing they will absolutely adore this present. It comes with everything you need to make a pair of ballet pumps. OR grab the high heel kit to make your very own pair of high heels.

Match a Pair of Shoes - Memory Game £12.95

This has got boxing day written all over it. For the lazy day when serious card games just won't cut it and only your grandparents are the only ones awake to play with you.

Manolo Blahnik - New Shoes £21.21

These type of books are always a well received gift, I'm a firm believer in knowledge is power even if it's in picture form!

Heelusions $24 (UK delivery now available)

Perfect little stocking fillers, I was lucky enough to be gifted with some of these in the summer and they completely transformed the look of my shoes practically making them a whole new shoe! (read the blog post here)

Cleo B Accessories £49

This was one of my very first posts on the blog, and I'm still completely in love with them, the new arrivals are gorgeous and perfect for the festive season.

V&A Pleasure and Pain exhibition Tickets £12

For anyone that hasn't managed to see this exhibition yet - it closes on the 31st of January so gift the tickets as a Christmas present. 

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