Fashion in the Bahamian Sun

You just have to get a shot like this!

Me and these beauties!

Caught on camera talking!

Hotel Roomie!

As sods law would have it my phone screen broke on my flight to the Bahamas practically straight after I posted a vlog on how I'd be snap chatting my way through the whole trip one story at a time. Thankfully I boarded the flight with models I'd be working with so was able to contact my family, but immediately felt like a burden and a numpty for breaking my phone at such a crucial and poignant job. I had however brought my professional camera which made up for the lack of a phone. I tried to take as many snaps as I could, but sometimes taking pictures just wasn't enough for the breathtaking views I had experienced. We stayed at the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island which was a spectacular building in its self, it had everything you could ask for - a shopping mall, an aquarium, a private beach, lovely restaurants, bars, clubs and a Casino all under one roof. We arrived at around 10pm local time and headed straight to our fittings for the show that was taking place the next day. The Suits and Sarees were exquisite, we were assigned certain shoes (the black court shoes I had bought came in handy) and jewellery for each outfit we had to rock down the runway.

Show day was upon us where we were taken to the events location - The Albany a beautiful private piece of land that had the view of a beautiful beach which was also the back drop of our runway. As the show was hosted on a beach we jumped at the opportunity to get into our bikinis in-between rehearsals. The venue was just stunning, we retired for lunch where I was finally able to try Conch the local delicacy. It was DELICIOUS! A bit like battered squid but in tacos with salad - YUM!

The show was a success, afterwards we were able to join the party goers for the  after party. We arrived back at the hotel late and decided that since we wouldn't know when we would be back in the Bahamas it was only the right thing to go to the after party, after party (ha). We headed to Aura the club inside the casino and danced the night away to some amazing music. We had an early start the next day as we had to fly back to London so we decided that a couple hours of sleep would be adequate enough, however as we were yet to learn, the next day took a sharp U turn. We found our self stuck at the airport missing a flight and spending a little more time in the Bahamas than we had banked on (WIN!). That morning we were lucky to have spent a couple hours on the beach so we were excited to head back to the hotel and see what else we could do....FAIL! we ended up stuck in traffic and before we knew it (after eating an amazing Conch burger) had to head straight back to the airport! Again pictures always make my holiday/work posts so much more interesting so here you go!

View from our Room - Palm trees for miles!

The Aquarium that greeted us in the Breakfast Hall

Beautiful Yachts 

Models on Duty : Waiting for the bus to take us to the venue.

Sand on the floor inside a restaurant.

Always about location location LOCATION - Beach office!

Palm Trees and White Sands

Hot Dogs or Legs?


Always on the look out for beautiful footwear - modelled by lovely Becky!

Traditional indian dancer practicing her beautiful moves!

Conch tacos! - YUM!

On our way to the villa where we had our hair and make up done! This place was stunning!

Hair do's underway!

Can't go wrong with a slick bun! - Thank you Jerome!

My gorgeous roomie getting her make up done!

SHOWTIME! - The traditional dancer getting prepared to be on stage!

The venue by night! The Lobster and Shrimp was divine!

Models OFF duty! - don't know how we would have got through this event with out each other!

Model Bus! - can you tell we've all had a little bit to drink!?

The cheeky sea gull that chomped away at my left over croissant!

Channeling our inner Victoria Secrets poses!

Running on two hours sleeps!

Old buildings dotted around the island!

Looking glum at the airport as we realised we have missed our flight back to London

Conch burger! when you have nothing else to do but eat!

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