Handmade Pointy Lace up Flats

I finally got around to finishing up the pointed lace up flats I made for my sister before I set off for holiday. I wanted to get some great shots outside of the apartment we stayed in especially because of the gorgeous weather and thought she'd actually get the chance of wearing them out there. I put the progress up on my snapchat for every one to see and suddenly realised I had forgotten to save some of them for a process video at the end, so the story is a pretty broken. The last few steps of making these shoes were adding the gold rivets to the uppers, adding the soles and corkfiller then attaching the lace, though it didn't quite go in that order. My first challenge was inserting the gold rivets, in retrospect I should have attached them while the upper was still a pattern piece as I was unable to attach a rivet at the front. Attaching the rivets to the inside of the shoe was difficult but at least manageable, I opted for a small hole punch at the front which doesn't offend me as much as I first thought it might. Funnily enough the easier part of completing these shoes was attaching the soles, which I've started to feel a lot more confident with though I'm still in need of practice. If i do manage to find some process shots of this pairs progress I'll try and get a process video organised, if not please do add me on snapchat to get a more instant update of what shoes I'm making. Im looking into a periscope, one of my good friends insists I should get one so if thats something you guys would prefer please do let me know! xxx

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