Rungg Shoes

When I was in India last year the colours are what really took my interest, embroidery and appliqué along with beading is something that India is well known for and with all of these components put together with contemporary current themes and trends I believe you can have something visually very beautiful. The craftsmanship found in India is unparalleled to any other, footwear manufacture is an industry sector of India thats a thriving hub for fast fashion brands so when I was told about Rungg shoes, I was thrilled to see a brand thats fashion forward with modern designs utilising the local craftsmanship available. Now I don't know about you but I think the market for footwear found for indian attire is flooded with extremely chincy, far to sparkly and out of fashion designs, that don't compliment the beautiful outfits that are typically worn with them. The western and indian fusion area of fashion is something thats quite niche and when done well can really sell. (you only have to go to Monsoon or Accessorize to figure that out) and I think Rungg shoes have done just that. The collection is  thoughtfully designed and it couples quintessentially western design with beautiful hand embroidered uppers showing off the skill set of the craftsman involved. I absolutely adore them and I think this brand has a huge amount of potential. What I love about them the most is their versatility. I can see them matching a western outfit just as much as an outfit for an asian event be it a wedding or temple visit. So for now I leave you with a few of my favourite combinations that are sure to get your taste buds going.

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