Tassel High Heels, just for me :)

I bought this piece of leather a couple months back, you can see why I absolutely adore it, I've been making lots of accessories from it but haven't yet made a pair of shoes with it so figured now would be the right time to get my high heel sandal game on! I wanted the front straps to be quirky and the tassels baby blue to compliment the design. So far I have got to the point of covering the insole boards, and cutting the patterns out of the leather I have chosen. I have yet to go to London Trimmings, my favourite fittings store to buy the lace and hardware I need to complete the shoe. The tassels will be made from leather that match either the insole board or the heels. (I haven't quite decided yet) The following pictures are showing my initial process, of designing, shaping the insole boards (adding foam for comfort too) and working out what leathers compliment each other. Im hoping by Fridays post they will be ready to wear! (Fingers Crossed)

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