Just when you thought shoes couldn't evolve anymore; in come One Clique Shoes. They have designed revolutionary high heels which consist of a collection of separates with tops and heels that click together. (I sense your interest pique! wait for it.....) Their exclusively patented 'Clique Latch' system (<<click on the link to see how it all works!) firmly locks both pieces in place, allowing you to change the heel, wedge and platform height, as and when, you please - I mean what could be more perfect?  My mind has done overtime in excitement just thinking about the possibilities! As a city girl, I'm always looking for ways to minimise the bulk in my handbag but still stay on trend with the right shoes, it always meant taking a change of shoes for the evenings where I wanted to bar hop with colleagues - One Clique give you the option to do this seamlessly and effortlessly. I can do nothing but commend this great concept, its creativity and innovation has actually left me mind blown with how simple and effective they have made this look. (though I'm sure there must have been blood sweat and tears shed during the whole concept's process) With One Clique you can choose from various seasonal trends, all at an affordable price. I've picked out my favourite combinations, be sure to check yours out! One Clique is definitely one to keep your eyes on - they're on to something massive!

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