Internship Update

Its probably been about a month since I last updated you guys with my internship journey - A LOT has happened and mainly its been all about  experimenting with leathers. I have looked into making a number of leather accessories and while I may be a novice pattern maker I have learnt a hell of a lot in terms of getting to understand the qualities of different grades of leather. The most notable accessories I have been working on are; a leather card holder  for the other half (no easy job - I think I made about 5 different prototypes and templates before I was happy with it). I have also ventured in to making small clutch bags, which are very classic in design and carry the essentials every girl needs on a night out - I have been prototyping the last few days and have also been leather shopping (I will be sending out clutch bags to my most loyal readers when I'm happy with the final look of the products so keep your eyes and ears peeled if you are one of them!)  Everything hand made of course!

Last but not least, Amanda (founder of I can Make Shoes) and I have been working on designing and hand making a range of summer sandals. Yesterday we managed to finish a pair of espadrilles we had in mind that were simple to achieve and bang on trend from this summer season. We stuck to a basic 'slider' (a.k.a slipper) that just helped to reinforce our understanding of the running stitch that attached the leather panel to the espadrille sole. I would like to say the whole process was extremely therapeutic but that word doesn't even come close to describing the zen like feeling that came over me while I was stitching! Have a look through the pics below and let us know what you think of the sliders! I will start posting more pics when the accessories are developed a bit further. I hope you enjoy scrolling through!

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