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I love English Summers (who doesn't) and since it will be rearing its head very soon I thought I would make this post about getting your feet summer ready in the most sort after footwear - Miista. I'm so picky with what I like to wear on my feet in the summer. I don't like my shoes to be heavy, but I love a good wedge for some height (so bulk is inevitable) and I don't like too much open toe, but I like my feet to breath - I mean it is the summer after all! With all these requirements in mind I always find it difficult to find the perfect shoes that I can wear for comfort, all the way through the summer. Miista makes that possible.  They have just the right open-ness (I think I just made up a word ha!) and the perfect comfort factor so the wedge isn't too high and reduces the amount of bulk you are walking around in. I've picked out my favourite shoes from their new summer range for you to feast your eyes on - I promise you won't be left disappointed!



Future Athens Range






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