Gandys Flip Flops

Founders and Brothers Rob and Paul

In light of the devastating earthquake in Nepal recently I felt it only right to talk about Gandy's Flip Flops. I have been meaning to write a post about them for some time. Gandy's ethos 'Orphans for Orphans' came about when the two founders, brothers Rob and Paul tragically lost their parents in the 2004 Tsunami that took so many lives in Sri Lanka. Much like the effects of the earthquake in Nepal children too have been left orphaned, stranded and homeless. The brothers, determined to see the good out of such a negative, life changing tragedy focused their energy on helping people less fortunate than themselves. The brand not only represented their parents values but underpinned their travelling experiences along with helping others. The brothers decided that a percentage of the profits made from purchasing Gandys flip flops would help to build orphanages in honour of their parents. Gandys has grown from strength to strength within the last few years, helping to provide for people from all over India and Sri Lanka. I have no doubt that in some way Gandy's  will be doing their bit for the recovery process in Nepal.



Remember a percentage of the profits go to helping orphanages!
I have seen a few recently on the site for this much on sale




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