'Milan' - £14.99

'Las Vegas' - £16.99

'Dubai' - 18.99

The best kind of package arrived at my door last week - a package with 3 pairs of cute ballet pumps from Sinderella (thank you so much Sinderella!). As you know I'm always on the look out for new brands - Sinderella launched this year  to bridge the gap between super pricey shoes and comfort. They couldn't have come at a better time, the temperamental London weather we've had the last few weeks makes it difficult to decide on footwear; sneakers or sandals?!? is always my first question when I get ready every morning. Ballet pumps offer you a perfect alternative, they keep your feet dry from the spells of rain but still keep you stylish for the summer. The Sinderella ballet pumps are super comfy and come with their own little bag so you can fold up the pumps and pop them into your handbag. Now its no secret that ladies like to change from their work shoes to cute ballet pumps for their commute and why not do it in comfort all for the bargain price of £14.99!! yes you read that right, there are 8 styles of ballet pumps available, where the priciest pair is only 22.99 - which in my books is great value for money. I have teamed my Sinderella ballet pumps up with skinny jeans. I just love them - I'm actually looking forward to my daily commute just so I can wear my new pumps!

W - (there's a really great deal on at the moment)

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