Caterina Belluardo

In the theme of flat shoes this week East London based luxury footwear brand Caterina Belluardo is one to look out for. She has built a unique A-gender business; seamlessly designing footwear that suits both female and male tastes. Knitted detailing and beautiful leathers feature heavily in her designs which explore traditional leisure-wear styles. Bespoke footwear is another element Bellauardo has to offer with her online shopping experience, you're able to change the colour combinations of a certain style which are then hand made in her East London Studio. (which I'm totally loving) Interning at I Can Make Shoes has allowed me to understand the craft and discipline involved in hand making shoes so this a super appealing feature for someone who might want something a little more unique and individual. With the Winter wardrobe preparation in mind (more like on standby with the weather we've had recently) Belluardo's footwear is perfect  - full of character to brighten up the coming months.

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