7 boots to get you through the Winter

The last few days have been FREEEEEEEEZING! I thought I had acclimatised to the cold since coming back from Reykjavik last week but the temperature has plummeted and along with the lack of preparation for this weather I have inevitably wrapped myself up in my scarf (more like a thick blanket). With this cold weather comes the pain staking search for boots. Boots have never been my friend, I have the skinniest ankles known to man so I've always hated boot shopping, it tends to go like this: search for the boots that I like that have a skinnier ankle width, try them on, they're not as skinny as they looked aaaaannnnnd back to square one, which is where I'm at presently. The only good thing that comes of this search is my memory bank of all the great boots I tried on. So this post is dedicated to boots - the steals and splurges (and obviously some reasonably priced shoes to) I have seen and loved.

Dolce & Gabbana
First up these exquisite boots with embellishment, perfect for the christmas festivities and a huge splurge at £825...a girl can dream!

who doesn't love a bit of snakeskin? I love a calf boot because it feels like an extra layer around your legs to keep you warm also it means you can wear odd socks because its all hidden #minifistpump. A totally reasonable price at £60.

There can't be a round up of the best boots on HHHH with out an entry from my beloved Zara. ITS all about fringe here and I just love them. At a slightly higher price bracket of £129 they air on the side of splurge but they are so totally worth it!

New Look
I love new look for its fast fashion and super bargain rates. Velvet has become a mini trend amongst shoes at the moment (I will be doing a quick round up of my favourite velvet shoes in a post next week) and these boots are just the ticket to stay on trend! A steal at £29.99.

Flat boots are a necessity, there is no telling when you'll need them to wade through possible snow storms, so why not do them in style with these Balmain boots. The gold embroidery is just lush and add that little bit of luxury to the boot. At £835 you'd have to be sure you love them!

Ive always loved being tall, and with these boots it seems its all about the taller the better. The thick wedge should make these boots easy to walk in and even better this boot seems super easy to slip on they're currently on sale at £59.98.

These are my absolute faves! I love the colour, the texture the heel height..EVERYTHING. £95 and without a shadow of a doubt a statement boot when you need to do the smart/casual look.

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