Mademoiselle Privé
Saatchi Gallery

For those of you who missed out on this insightful exhibition fear not, I recorded almost everything I could through photos. The exhibition; held from the13th October to the 1st of October had a relatively short run in comparison to most other travelling installation exhibitions. It was inevitable that if you weren't up for the queueing outside you would miss the whole thing within a blink of an eye. In short the exhibition highlighted the growth of the Chanel brand from Mademoiselle  Chanel (Gabrielle Chanel) to the current Karl Lagerfeld era. Though most of the exhibition concentrated on Gabrielle Chanel and the  symbol codes and icons of the brand my favourite part of the exhibition had to be the small artisan workshops that showed the skills and craftsmanship behind every intricate detail on certain iconic items Chanel created. I tried to take as many images as I could for those of you that missed out. I hope they do the exhibition justice.

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